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Rasmalai Cake

7 Reasons To Say Yes To A Rasmalai Cake

When it comes to dessert we know very well that Indian loves to stick to their favourite sweets. We Indians love our sweet and also we are very open towards a fun idea of infusing something new to it. Giving a very fusion touch to our very own delicious Rasmalai. Oh the name itself makes us so happy that we can’t stop drooling over it! The Rasmalai cake is a new trend in baking and it is loved by all of us so badly that the Rasmalai cake is on a huge demand.  Here are some reason to say yes to our Rasmalai Cake.


Best Fusion Cake ever

There are people who love to experiment with food but there are some people who are too scared to try something fusion. This is for all those scarry people who are too scared to try out something new. Not every fusion is a failure. Our Rasmalai cake is superhit amongst so many people. The creamy layer topped up with rich and lucious Rasmalai will astonish your taste palatte. Order Rasmalai Cake now for those who haven’t yet tried this cake. We are sure they are going to love it so much that they would order one more Rasmalai Cake for their Happy celebrations too.


Filled with rich nuts

Rasmalai cake is fully loaded with rich nuts the crunch of cashews and pistachio with a spongy Rasmalai has no comparison. The nuts enhances the taste of Rasmalai cake and makes it even more delectable.


Eggless Cake

Rasmalai cake doesn’t have an egg to make it extra soft. The spongy and creamy Rasmalai does it all to make this cake rich and amazing. We all demand to have an eggless cake for our special  celebrations because there are strict vegetarians who are part of the celebrations so Rasmalai cake is best fitted for all the celebrations. So for any auspicious celebrations don’t forget to Order Rasmalai Cake.


Indian dessert with a modern twist

You all might be wondering what is this cake? Well Rasmalai cake is nothing but a very yummy Indian dessert given a modern twist. And we sure it will left them speechless. Each layer is packed with goodness of whipped cream and deliciousness. Don’t forget to try out this modern twist.


A feel of belongingness

Rasmalai Cake you belong with me! Whenever you will have a bite of it you will feel so much like you are having something which is from our land. Although it is Cake but the taste of Rasmalai overpowers it and you will definitely feel an instant connection to this yummy and succulent Rasmalai Cake.  To feel this belongingness you have to order Rasmalai Cake now.


Rasmalai cake for wedding Anniversary:

  Our tender and creamy Rasmalai cake is a perfect cake for wedding  anniversary celebration. It will surely remind you your wedding day when you fed a bite of rasmalai to your better half. This cake will give you a very romantic vibe. It is our special Anniversary Rasmalai cake. A crunchy nutty cake  adorned with rose petals is a must for a wedding anniversary to recall all your first sweet moments.


Rasmalai Cupcake for Birthday


Rasmalai cakes are now available for a birthday celebrations too. Cupcakes for a birthday celebration is now trending and keeping up with this trend we are have a very innovative Rasmalai cupcakes for a birthday celebration, You can order any Rasmalai cake for a birthday celebration. We have the most delicious and finger licking birthday rasmalai  cake for your loved ones so don’t forget to order best Birthday Rasmalai Cake.

Hope we are guessing it right that it is big thumbs up for a sinful and delicious Rasmalai Cake! If yes then visit our website to order a cake now.