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Photo Cake

Is a celebration without a cake a real celebration? The answer is NO. We at Iris Baking have the most delicious and freshly baked cakes to deliver at your doorstep. There are different people with different desires. Some love chocolate cake, some love fruit cakes and for different types of people we have different cakes too. But if you are selecting a cake for someone whom you are too confused about their likes and dislikes, we highly recommend you to get them a personalized cake.  and have a look at our photo cake.  It is a great gift to surprise them. We know you might be feeling little puzzled whether to gift a photo cake or not. But after reading this blog, you are definitely going to place a photo cake order online with us.

A feel of Nostalgia

When you see your photo with your near and dear ones, it brings back the good times you had. We can’t bring the times back but what can we do is celebrate your loved ones day with a treasure photo on a cake. A photo cake is not just great at making you feel loved in terms of your beautiful emotions stored in that picture but it is great in terms of taste too.  We would love to do a photo cake delivery to cherish those sweet memories.

Makes the bond stronger

Photo cakes have a strong impact on the one you are gifting. It becomes ten times more loved by them with the personal touch a photo adds. Order online with us now and let us deliver them a freshly baked photo cake. We would be delighted to do a photo cake delivery to surprise them.

A personalized touch is always better than any expensive gifts

When it comes to gifting something to a special one, people think buying a superficial and expensive gift will make them happy. Well, we won’t deny that. Of Couse it will. But if you want to rule over their heart then you must gift them a thoughtful and personalized photo cake. Send them a reminder of your sweet memories and place a photo cake order online.

So what are you waiting for? Checkout our website now and order yummy and delicious photo cake filled with the sweetest of the best memories of your life.